Public Session at Arizona State University April 22, 2015 01.00-05.00 pm


The Auditorium (ISTB4, Room 240) Arizona State University (ASU)
(ISTB4 building located at 781 E Terrace Mall, Tempe, AZ 85287)

13.00-17.00/ 01.00 -05.00 pm

Leading European scientists & engineers in the field of planetary robotics vision will give short lectures on their research work in the fields of 3D vision processing, GIS and visualization, targeted to the European ExoMars Rover Mission, embedded in work funded by the European Union’s research Framework Programme 7.

The EU FP7 Project PRoViDE: 3D vision processing from planetary rovers’ imagers Gerhard Paar, JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Graz, Austria

A spatial data base for representing planetary images in the context of processing Konrad Willner, German Aerospace Center, Berlin, Germany

Serendipitous Multi-view Stereo: 3D reconstruction of planetary sites from multiple viewpoints Tomas Pajdla Czech Techniqual University of Prague, Czech Republic

Processing of Lunar Surface Image Data Ender Tasdelen, Technical University Berlin, Germany

Fusing ground-level with super-resolution orbital views of Mars for visualization and Rover localization Jan-Peter Muller & Yu Tao, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London

Contextualising and Analysing Planetary Rover Image Products through the Web-Based PRoGIS Michele Giordano, Jeremy Morley, Nottingham Geospatial Institute, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

PRo3D: A Virtual Environment for the Accurate Geologic Analysis of Martian Terrain Christoph Traxler, VRVis Forschungs GmbH, Vienna, Austria

Geological Interpretation and Analysis of Surface Based, Spatially Referenced 2.0 and PRo3D Rob Barnes, Sanjeev Gupta, Imperial College London, United Kingdom